Saturday, 25 January 2014

Bhajje Upkari


Bhajji in konkani means Amaranthus which is a leafy vegetable that comes in green and purple colors. It is also called Harve soppu in kannada.The health benefits of eating any leafy vegetable is known to all of us. So I you guys are bored with the usual spinach and methi, Bhajji upkari is for you. This is a very simple dish which can be had along with rice or chapathi. When had with rice it is best served with daalithoy.There are a number of recipes that can be made with Bhajji or Amaranthus leaves, this is one such dish. So without wasting much time lets quickly check the recipe of Bhajje Upkari.

2 cups of finely chopped Amaranthus(Bhajji) leaves,
2 teaspoons of scraped coconut(optional for garninshing)
2 byadgi red chillies cut into halves,
1 teaspoon of mustard seeds.
2 teaspoon of cooking oil.

Step1:Heat a round bottom pan or Kayli. Add cooking oil, add mustard seeds , once they splutter,add red chilles(if you want the dish to be spicy you can add 1 or 2 green chilles).
Step2: Now add the chopped amaranthus or bhajji. Simmer and close the pan with a lid. Cook until the leaves are soft.
Step4:Garnish with scraped coconut or soyi and switch off the heat.

Bhajji Upkari is ready to serve

Serve hot with rice and daalithoy.

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