Sunday, 14 December 2014

Soya chunks Manchurian

Name of participant : M.Gayathri kini

Place: Kasargod.

Name of Recipe: Soyabean Manchurian

Soyabean Manchurian

soybean chunks:100gms
Cornflour:1 cup
Red chilli powder:2 tea spoon
Cooking oil:1/2 ltr
Green chilli:2-3
Garlic cloves :8-10
onion :2-3
coriander leaves (or Spring onions) :for garnishing
chilli tomato ketchup:200gms
ginger :50gms
salt :4 tea spoon


First soak soya bean chunks for one hour then squeeze and wash it properly, then add 2 tea spoon of salt and mix it properly and keep for 5 mins.After 5 mins squeeze it and wash again.
Make a paste of 2 teaspoon chilli powder,a piece of ginger, 4-5 cloves of garlic and salt in  mixer.
Empty the contents in a bowl and add corn flour and mix . Add the mixture to the washed soybean chunks ,keep it for 15 mins.
Now fry the soyabean chunks in 1/2 ltr cooking oil.
In another pan take 2 tea spoon oil heat it for 2 sec,add 2 chopped onion,2 chopped green chilli,1 chopped capsicum,3-4 chopped cloves of garlic,2 tea spoon of finely chopped ginger,1 chopped tomato and fry it until it turns to golden brown colour.
Add salt to  tasteand  mix it well, add 200gms of chilli tomato ketchup , 2 tea spoon of soya sauce and mix it well.
At last add fried soyabean mix properly close the vessel in small flame for 2 mins.After 2 mins sprinkle chopped coriander leaves,spring onions on it.
Hot soyabean manchurian is ready to serve.

My family and friends love this dish a lot and I would love to share it with everyone......hope every body like this.

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