Saturday, 26 October 2013

Cabbage Ambat

Here is my next recipe of made from Cabbage , healthy alternative to  Cabbage Ambado.In short its some chopped cabbage in some nice coconut gravy seasoned with sauteed brown onions.

1 cup of chopped and boiled cabbage,
1 cup of scraped coconut,
2-3 Byadgi red chillies fried in half teaspoon of oil,
an inch of tamarind
2 medium sized onions finely chopped,
a pinch of hing,
Salt to taste
2 teaspoon of oil for seasoning.
  • In a mixer ,add scraped coconut,red chillies, hing ,an inch of tamarind and Salt to taste. Make a fine paste.
  • Now add this paste to the chopped and boiled cabbage add half cup of water and boil for 10 minutes.Close the heat and keep aside.Ambat is ready.
  • For Seasoning: Heat 2 teaspoon of cooking oil and chopped onions and a pinch of salt (This will hasten the cooking process and give onions a crunchy bite).Fry until golden brown.
  • Pour the seasoning over the Ambat.
Serve hot with rice or chapathi.

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