Saturday, 26 October 2013

Ambado Lonche (Instant Hog plum Pickel)

Ambado or Hogplum pickle is a lip smacking pickel recipe straight from a konkani's kitchen. 


100 gms chopped Karanda(seeds removed),marinated in 3 teaspoons of salt for a day.

12 Byadgi Red chillies,

2 tablespoon raw Mustard seeds
half teaspoon of hing,
1 teaspoon Tuemeric powder,
Boil and cool down 100ml(1 small cup) of water.
  • Grind together red chillies,mustard seeds,turmeric powder,hing and water.Make a fine paste.
  • Add this to the marinated Karanda.
Serve as a pickel with any dish you like.Since this is an instant pickel ,this can be stored for maximum 2 weeks.

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